Custom Scaffolding

Alulite has the facilities to manufacture access equipment to your needs. We can build to you specification or design a product to suit your needs.

Our Team will work with you to create a solution for your needs. With proven design history and a local manufacturing team we can help measure and design scaffolding, railing and access solutions.

Access Equipment

Alulite not only manufactures mobile aluminium scaffolding, we also build truck access walkways, container handrail systems, rail tanker removable handrails and a variety of other specialised access equipment.

With safety at heights being paramount in most industries, and not all situations being the same, it is not always easy to find the right product for each job. That’s where ALULITE can assist you. With our expertise, we can design and build access equipment to suit your needs rather than making do with standard equipment. We can evaluate your needs, design to your specifications and have you working safely very quickly.