Scaffolding Safety

Always work with another person if possible whilst carrying out scaffolding installation, erection and dismantling.


Any mobile tower that is required to be erected or dismantled, where the platform standing level is four(4) metres or more above ground level, will require the supervision of - or the work carried out by - a person holding a current Certificate of Competency, the minimum certificate being a Basic Scaffolding Licence.


The tower is to be erected in accordance with the current Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Regulations in each State of Australia.


Wherever a person or object could fall a distance of two(2) metres or more from any platform edge, protection in the form of guard rails and kick boards or mesh screen incorporating kickplates shall be provided. Guard rails shall be used on all sides of the work platform and shall be no more than 100mm outside the edge of the platform. Guard rails shall be at a minimum height of 900mm and not more than 1100mm. Except where mesh infill is provided in the guard rail, a midrail shall be supplied between the guard rail and kick board. The kick boards shall not be less than 150mm above the top of the platform and no gap between the kick board and the platform shall exceed 10mm.


Access ladders shall be provided on the inside of the tower and shall be provided on all towers where the platform height is two(2) metres or more. The ladder shall be secured top and bottom and shall project above the access platform at least one(1) metre.


No person shall climb the tower without first engaging the castor locking device. No person shall release the castor locking device whilst a person is on the tower. No person shall attempt to move such mobile structure whilst a person is on the tower.


Do not use damaged components. Alulite components are interchangeable and are readily replaced.


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