Components and Technical Data


Ensure that braces are used in the correct way and position for proper erection of the unit(see assembly instructions and illustrations).
Components are manufactured from approved structural grade aluminium tube - a combination of maximum strength with minimum weight.All frames are welded to form a tight joint that will not chatter or vibrate.
Braces have safe and simple snap on clamps completely exposed for easy cleaning and maintenance with a wire brush.To attach, just push over rung or tube.



Platforms are constructed from exterior grade plywood and aluminium section for strength and lightness.Safe hatch platforms give ladder access and fully close gap when shut.
Work platforms have a Safe Work Load(S.W.L.) of 225kg and are provided for the complete working area.
Safe Hatch Platform allows easy and safe access to the work platform with the aid of our special scaffold ladder.




Sturdy aluminium ladders with hooks to fit to the inside of the tower and provide easy access to the work platform.



Advanced design 126mm Urethane Tyred Castors suitable for external and internal use.This superior castor makes shifting the scaffold a breeze.Aluminium wheel, with ball bearing to axle, fitted with moulded urethane tyres that will not mark interior surfaces.Even though this castor is lightweight it has a Safe Working Load (S.W.L.) of 350kg and is fitted with a foot brake to prevent rolling and swivelling movement. 150mm and 200mm castors are available for rough terrain, if required.Base plates are also available for static towers.


The proven 610mm Acme thread screw jack is strong and positive.It cannot slip or drop while being adjusted or carried.Adjustment is by hand with lever provided and turns on ball bearings located in upper and lower body of the castor.


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